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Welcome to the Livejournal community for Real Madrid Club de Fútbol. If you're looking for a haven of madridismo in which to share your love for this beautiful team, you've come to the right place. Please join and don't be afraid to participate with comments and posts of your own. Any questions, comments or complaints, please contact Sam or Lah


- All posts need to be Real Madrid related.
- Respect. For each other, for the club and its players, for everyone, if you can stand it. Inappropriate comments will be deleted and the user may be banned.
- This is not ontd_madrid. Keep the bitchcraft to a minimum. If you feel bullied or harassed by anyone, report it to the mods and it will be dealt with.
- Please learn how to use an lj-cut. Any graphics over 500 pixels need to be under the cut. And only one video outside of a cut, please.
- Always include a source. Never copy/paste from other blogs. Linking back is fine, blatant copying is not.
- No hotlinking. Upload photos to a server before posting.
- Make hearty use of the tags. There are some silly tags that you can use with abandon, but please try to use the basic and helpful ones first and foremost. If a tag needs to be added, just let us know and we'll add it ASAP.
- Have fun! And remember that you're among friends and fellow Madridistas. We're all here for the same reason. Spread the love, amores. ♥

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Real Madrid has shown, more than any other team in domestic football, the resilience and the resolve to come back from being down, battered, bruised, hammered, disgruntled, any sorts of controversies, firing of coaches, they just keep coming through the flames.
-- Ray Hudson