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17 August 2014 @ 08:41 pm
Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo happily accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for the JMC Foundation. It's a fun thing that's been going around, and apparently our boys couldn't stay behind!

Some excellent notes by marcelovieira @ Tumblr:

- the world’s most marketable, marketed, & famous footballer filmed his ALS Ice Bucket challenge on a fukin potato. The grainy pixellated quality brought an onrush of nostalgia for all the impressively shitty RM match livestreams I’ve beatifically suffered thru. 10/10
- He filmed the ALS Ice Bucket challenge in nothing but his own underwear. as in, not the underwear he was just wearing at the moment, but a pair of sleek black briefs from his OWN UNDERWEAR LINE
- He does his stupid goober old-man two-thumbs-up and cheesy-grin thing like 3 times just sitting there in his own underwear for no real reason
- He challenged BEYONCE, JENNIFER LOPEZ, and “Little Wayne”

BONUS!GIFs (courtesy of concretar)

Marcelo's video. He posted it on Instagram (in significantly better quality, might I add) and I don't know how to embed from that site... so have a link instead!

Sigh. Dorks de mi vida~
11 May 2014 @ 12:37 pm

with the upcoming cl final (HALA HALA HALA MADRID), there's bound to be increased interest in chatter among madridistas online. i know there are a ton of people on tumblr who are largely in the same demographics as the members of this community, but who don't know that we exist.

i was thinking of putting together a post on tumblr to encourage madridistas there to come watch the match with us. it would be a combination of a promo advertising the comm and how awesome we are, along with a practical guide for how to set up an lj account/how to use a twitter account to comment here.

with lj's popularity waning, i think it's absolutely essential that we as a community do everything we can to keep this place strong. one of the most crucial aspects is encouraging new members to join us, and i think that the CL final (as well as the upcoming world cup) is a great opportunity to do that.

tumblr is an amazing platform; i use it myself. however, hala_madrid is really irreplaceable as a community, and i don't see any reason why people couldn't be active in both spaces. for instance, i think our spams are far superior to either tumblr's dashboard or twitter during matches -- there's less clutter, more communication among the members, and you don't need to be following each person individually to interact with them.

before i make a tumblr post, though, i wanted to check with you guys to see how you felt about this idea. i don't want to overstep my bounds at all if there's a lot of resistance to the idea. i was also hoping you guys might give me tips on how to phrase the post. how would you pitch joining hala_madrid to people who aren't super familiar with livejournal?

oh, and just a reminder: if you do use tumblr and check it more frequently, you can keep track of what's going on in hala_madrid by following our hala_madrid mirror account. every (public) post made to the comm gets automatically linked there, so it will show up on your dashboard. there's also a twitter mirror, which works the same way.

to wash the not-entirely pleasant taste of last match out of our mouths, here's a fun post from una about alvaro's appearance on the tv show "el hormiguero" last week:

On putting aside club rivalries when playing for the national team: we have achieved things that no other national team has achieved in history, winning two Eurocopas and a World Cup in a row. That’s only possible when we all get along very well. We know perfectly that when we’re playing on the national team, we’re defending one country and we’re very proud to do what we’re doing. And we’re very excited about the upcoming World Cup… we want to get on that bus again and enjoy it with the people in Spain.

On that fall while celebrating the World Cup: it was funny. I was there with Pepe, the two of us fell backwards, I managed to hang on with my legs, I could only hang on like that because no one was paying any attention to me. Poor Pepe, he landed right where the stairs were, and he fell to the lower level. When he got up, he wanted to kill the bus driver. Everyone was concerned about poor Pepe.

On being a father: you have many funny anecdotes involving your children. When I get stopped on the street by fans who want to take photos with me, my daughter Alba asks, “papá, why are they asking you for photos?” And I say, “cariño, it’s because I’m so handsome.”

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19 July 2013 @ 02:23 am

Temporary fixes are over. No more hotels in the capital and no more travelling back and forwards between home and training sessions. The players have been given the keys to their own rooms in the new residence at the Valdebebas sports complex, where they'll all be living together from now on – well, at least for Madrid's pre-season training and for the games played at the Bernabéu.

Carlo Ancelotti and his colleagues have been the first to test-drive the new digs. Since Saturday, they've been spending nights at the heart of the sports complex, without having to think about driving anywhere or worrying about the traffic and traffic jams.

From this Tuesday on, the players will spend more time at Valdebebas than they will in their own homes. Their days will start at 09:00 and finish from 19:00 onwards. They have breakfast, train, have lunch, train, have a siesta, share common rooms together when they relax and even share an early evening snack together.

Everything they could need is found in a purpose made building designed around the needs of elite athletes, with everything necessary to improve concentration and contribute to a good atmosphere.

The facilities are comprised of a modern 8,000 square meter building adjoining the football first team's building, and are a giant leap forwards in terms of quality of life for all.

marca. i can imagine the instagram shenanigans already....

btw, just a small request: if you're making a post to the comm, would you consider posting it unlocked? the hala_madrid tumblr and twitter feeds are automated, and they can only link to public posts. you can always friends lock again after the links go live; it usually takes about an hour. thanks, guys!

The players came together for lunch after the morning training session three days before playing the final against Atlético de Madrid.

With the Copa del Rey final on the line, the Whites took time out of this crunch week to come together for a group lunch to join forces ahead of the match against Atlético. The players are aware of what’s at stake in the business end of the season and gathered for a lunch that was dominated by a feeling of unity. The squad, after completing a morning training session in the Ciudad Real Madrid, met at the Filandón restaurant in a demonstration of team unity and focus ahead of the all-important clash this Friday against Real’s eternal rival (9:30 p.m., La 1). The team joined forces three days ahead of the fight for the title and sets their sights on what would be Real’s second Copa del Rey in three years and the nineteenth in club history. The squad knows what’s at stake and is prepared to do all it takes to win the championship.


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Yes, Barca won the league earlier than we might have wanted them to. Yes, the way we played yesterday was hardly inspired. Yes, we're still Dramadrid.

But then there are small moments like these, that make me laugh and shake my head because this team? This team is, and always will be, fantastic. If the game was a bit of a let down, the bench certainly didn't disappoint. Sure, some of it went like this:

Guys no. Guys! What are you doing??

*sigh* Iker hold my diamonds, gonna have to try and score up in this bitch.

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I swear, this team is made of dumbs...