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The CdR QF between Athletic Bilbao and Atlético Madrid ended with a 2-1 win to Atleti, a first goal of 2014 for Diego Costa and the first loss in the new San Mames for Athletic. That left Atleti with an aggregate win of 3-1 and a ticket to the the semi-finals where we, of course, await. The two semifinals will be played on WEDNESDAY FEB 5TH (H) and WEDNESDAY FEB 11TH (A), both @ 21.00 and they better be the beginning of a new and long lasting curse on Atleti.

Barcelona will face Real Sociedad in the other semi-final after beating Levante 9-2 on agg. Real Sociedad won the first leg against Racing Santander with a handy 3-1, but the return leg in
El Sardinero was about everything but what little play that took place on the pitch.

Racing Santander plays in the regional Segunda B division these days and they'd knocked out two La Liga clubs, Sevilla and Almeria, to reach the quarter-finals. This should by all rights be the highlight of their season, but on Monday the players announced to the press that they would not play unless the president and the board resigned, effective immediately. And as to why...Collapse )

Racing Santander canterano bb Canales is thankfully doing a lot better than his old club. According to Marca, he will join Real Sociedad for the next four and a half years, after Valencia, another club that is trying to learn from Racing's mess, though who knows if they'll succeed, deemed him a surplus to requirements. I think it's pretty much a perfect fit for both club and player and if he can stay injury free for a while, we may finally get to see the player we all hoped he'd grow up to be. And he'll be reunited with Pirata who is busy with his rehabilitation and running around Donestia being a hipster, inviting fans to dinner and making everybody love him:

Things are hopefully looking up for another of our former bbs as well. After a short and not very happy stay in Seria A club Cagliari Adan has been released and has returned to Spain as the new goalkeeper in Real Betis:

Via Marca: I'm aware of Betis' situation – last placed and 10 points from safety – but I had to take this brave step," said the Spaniard, who thinks "the important thing now is to be realistic". "It's a complicated situation, but the main thing is to give your all on the pitch.

Good luck bbs, good luck!

The result of todays meeting in SantanderCollapse )

And from ren3773, 'an intriguing article about the situation faced by some unemployed professional footballers.' by Sid, yet again.
17 July 2012 @ 04:39 pm
guess who showed up at Valdebebas today?

i'll give you a hint: here's what morata said about him:

answer below the cut!
in the form of a GIANT photo, thanks moratitoCollapse )

meanwhile in the twitterverse, someone is still enjoying his break after winning the euros..

oh, pony.
04 August 2011 @ 01:54 pm
Comunicado oficial

El Real Madrid C. F. y el Valencia C. F. han llegado a un acuerdo para la cesión del jugador Sergio Canales. El acuerdo incluye una opción de compra para el Valencia C. F. que desencadena derechos de rescate a favor del Real Madrid C. F.


Good luck, bb Sergio. <3

More info: According to MARCA, aside from the 1,5 million Euros loan fee, Valencia will pay another million to RM for each of the two seasons he's been loaned for. After these two years, Valencia will have a buyout option of 12 million Euros. If they take advantage of this possibility, it will cost RM 15 million to get him back.

Oh, and he is not allowed to play against us.

Edit 2: Correction. The 1,5 million constitute his yearly wage, which Valencia will pay for in its entirety.
06 January 2011 @ 09:41 pm
Mourinho: "We knew we had reached the next round before kick-off."

Okay, so this wasn't the sexiest game ever, but the bottom line is that we advanced. IIRC, this is the first time we've advanced to the quarterfinals since the 2005/2006 season, so it's pretty impossible for me to view this as some crushing blow. At least it's not Alcorcon. Ahem! In the wake of our 8-2 win on aggregate ('cause that's how I'm looking at it), Mou offered his opinions on our performance, Kaka, our control of the game, and the upcoming matchups with Atleti and beyond. And semi-OT, but worth mentioning: with 60 goals in his first 61 games, Cris officially has the best start in Real Madrid history, ahead of Puskas and Di Stefano. Think happy thoughts!

Mou doesn't like losing.Collapse )

Adan, Juanfran, Canales, Captain Gago, and a very unhappy Pirata.Collapse )

The absence of Cristiano cut the Daylife pictures by half.Collapse )

Question(s) of the day: 1) Obviously, we weren't amazing as a team today, but who impressed and disappointed you the most? 2) Predictions for Villareal? I want scorelines, goal-scorers! 3) How do you feel about the possibility of Lass leaving? To be honest, I always feel bad for him because he really is a quality player IMO, but he just doesn't mesh with Xabi for some reason. I don't know if I'd rather keep him as a backup or let him go somewhere where he'll get to play.

If you like slow games, nerding out and analyzing tactics, or just enjoy ogling Kaka, download away.

We needs a Juanfran tag!

07 December 2010 @ 09:34 pm
This definitely belongs here too.
I really, really hope he is thinking this through :/
There's no translation on the english website yet so the one here is mine. Sorry if it's really bad I'm completely blocked right now, I can't even...

Comunicado oficial

El capitán del primer equipo, Iker Casillas Fernández, ha comunicado a las autoridades del club su deseo de rescindir su contrato, el cual originalmente se extendía hasta el fin de la temporada 2017, con el propósito de retirarse del fútbol profesional al final de la presente temporada. El Real Madrid C.F. se compromete a realizar las acciones pertinentes para llegar a un acuerdo satisfactorio con el jugador aunque le insta a seguir considerando su decisión

The captain of the first team, Iker Casillas Fernández, has let know the authorities of the club his desire to rescind his current contract, which originally extended until the end of the 2017 season, with the purpose of retiring from professional football at the end of the current campaign. Real Madrid C.F. will take all pertinent measures to ensure a satisfactory agreement is reached with the player although it urges him to keep considering his decision.

The announcement makes absolutely no sense to me although I guess it was a way to publicly pressure him into backing down?

There is also an interview with Marca where he says that it isn't really a final decision but that before the World Cup he did say he'd like to end his career if they happened to win it. It's not sure it will happen but he does have other aspirations...

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04 December 2010 @ 12:34 am
 Sergio Canales injured &  Kaka begins field work

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21 October 2010 @ 07:34 am
Gento: "Real Madrid proved against Milan they can be leaders everywhere."

Paco Gento turned 77 on Thursday and was congratulated by youngster Sergio Canales who, like the legendary player, also came from Racing Santander, who Real Madrid host this Saturday at the Bernabeu.

Canales, you are from Cantabria, so it must be an honour to be with Gento today. What does this mean to you?

Canales: I was anxious to meet him and I finally got to today. I’ve been told much about him both in Santander and in Madrid. It is a privilege to be with someone who has written Real Madrid history by winning six European Cup titles. No one else can say they’ve done that much.

I love this interview SO MUCH.Collapse )
18 October 2010 @ 10:34 am


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Poll #1632614 New Signings!
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Who is your personal favorite signing?

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Ricardo Carvalho
19 (9.0%)
Pedro Leon
9 (4.2%)
Sergio Canales
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Sami Khedira
10 (4.7%)
Mesut Özil
107 (50.5%)
Angel di María
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Which signing has been the most vital

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Ricardo Carvalho
60 (28.4%)
Pedro Leon
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Sergio Canales
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Sami Khedira
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Mesut Özil
102 (48.3%)
Angel di María
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Which signing could we have done without?

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Ricardo Carvalho
9 (4.4%)
Pedro Leon
114 (55.6%)
Sergio Canales
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Sami Khedira
42 (20.5%)
Mesut Özil
7 (3.4%)
Angel di Maria
11 (5.4%)

Which signing has the most potential?

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Ricardo Carvalho
1 (0.5%)
Pedro Leon
4 (1.9%)
Sergio Canales
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Sami Khedira
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Mesut Özil
107 (50.0%)
Angel di María
26 (12.1%)
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