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21 August 2013 @ 10:06 pm

Enzo is still adorable. And so is Carletto. And this guy.

Raúl is home and tonight he gave a presser in the Bernabeu:
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And from Marca, a really lovely ode to Iker's time in Madrid: The goal as a glove.

you guys couldn't have picked a better photo?

The Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez, has told supporters that Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at the club, though he refused to make a similar guarantee about the future of the manager, José Mourinho.

Pérez told a meeting of fans who were worried about Ronaldo's future: "Relax, we will renew his contract and it will be the club who pays."

However, when the supporters made a plea to keep Mourinho at the Bernabéu, the president just smiled and did not answer, according to the Madrid newspaper AS.

Pérez gave a speech in which he said: "Real Madrid confronts a spectacular month of May, with the Champions League and Copa del Rey final. Being president at Real Madrid is difficult – as is being the coach at this club but we have to learn to live with it. We can argue among ourselves but we must remain united."

Asked about the possibility that their former striker Raúl may return to the club in some capacity, Pérez said: "Raúl hasn't left; he is simply spending a short while away in Germany and Qatar. This is his home and he will return."

Punto Pelota has selected the 10 footballers, former and present, who can hold a tune the best. Lead singer of Pignoise (and former Real Madrid midfielder) Álvaro Benito was among the judges.

Many Madridistas feature!

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What do you think of Punto Pelota's list? Is anyone missing? Is there anyone who shouldn't be on that list? What do you imagine Real Madrid's Got Talent to be like?
...and doubtless, while he was doing it, his keys matched his vest, which matched his shoes, which matched his sweater, which matched his belt...

 photo raulyummy_zpsae288520.jpg
He legit tweeted this pic...


Guti sent a message to Barcelona fans after the comeback against
Milan: "What's the matter? Don't you remember the last two thrashings
that Madrid gave you? You only remember what you want to. Suckers," he
tweeted, before posting a photo of Raúl silencing the Camp Nou.

"I still remember this," said the former Real Madrid player, in
reference to Raúl pressing his finger to his lips at the Camp Nou.


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17 July 2012 @ 04:39 pm
guess who showed up at Valdebebas today?

i'll give you a hint: here's what morata said about him:

answer below the cut!
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meanwhile in the twitterverse, someone is still enjoying his break after winning the euros..

oh, pony.
A Portuguese Love-In Post - Mourinho's Documentary, Hearts For Assholes
& A Youthful CR7 Style Review!

This post is in three parts. The first is the "Football's Greatest" Jose Mourinho Documentary - which I've chosen this week in honour of our coach becoming the first to win the league in the top three leagues in the world: Italy, England and Spain - a quite staggering achievement, actually - in addition to having won it in Portugal with Porto.

The second portion of this post is an article that appeared in late January on Pepe - entitled "Hearts For Assholes". It's a love-letter to our much-maligned Pepe from a German writer in 11FREUNDE who argues that Pepe is, essentially, saving modern football - almost single-handedly!

And finally - a style review of our golden boy Crispy Ronaldo - "The Early Years" -

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Hearts for assholes: how pepe is saving modern footballCollapse )

Ramen noodle hair & a cheeky smile: "CR7: the early years"Collapse )

Love to sashatwen  for sending the magazine!

Post dedicated to a vacationing [info]andriy_7

19 April 2012 @ 06:02 pm

Striker Raúl González will leave FC Schalke 04 for a club outside Europe at the end of the season.

Raúl has enjoyed two successful years in Gelsenkirchen since ending his 16-season spell with Real Madrid CF to join Schalke in summer 2010 – scoring 27 goals in 64 Bundesliga games and winning the 2011 German Cup. However, the 34-year-old former Spanish international will move on to pastures new when his contract expires in June.

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Rumour has it it's almost certain he's going to Qatar. I also heard Schalke are planning a testimonial for him in 2013, probably in a game with Real M