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Luka Modric misses Spurs training to put Real Madrid on alert

i figure we need a clearinghouse to discuss our feels on this transfer, so here's the latest news from london:

Luka Modric did not report for Tottenham Hotspur's final training session before their tour of the United States and there is doubt over whether he will board the team flight to Los Angeles that departs on Saturday.

The Croatia midfielder is determined to leave the club and the manager, André Villas-Boas, has confirmed that he will be permitted to do so if an acceptable offer was to come in. Tottenham are holding out for as close to £40m as possible.

Modric has his heart set on a move to Real Madrid, who have so far offered €32m (£24.9m), with a further €8m in add-ons, making the total package potentially worth a little over £31m, which is not enough for Tottenham.

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