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Ángel Villar pardons Mourinho and Tito Vilanova

Tito Vilanova and José Mourinho will come face to face at the first official game of the coming season: The Spanish Supercup. The two coaches, sanctioned following the incidents they were involved in at the last Supercup, will benefit from the amnesty that Ángel María Villar will grant. This was confirmed by the president of the Spanish Football Federation.

"This is an amnesty for all Spanish football, not just for particular people. In reality it's a pardon, something I've been doing for 24 years, apart from a time when the Spanish Supreme Sports Council wouldn’t allow me to for various reasons. I've always done it when Spain has won something or when I have been re-elected as president, so I hope that we'll have the Spanish National team winning Euro 2012", he explained on Spanish Radio 'Onda Cero'.

Mourinho and Vilanova were suspended for two games and one game, respectively, after been involved in an incident at the Supercup return match. The Portuguese coach approached the Barcelona team bench and poked his finger in Vilanova’s eye, who retaliated by pushing him. Both coaches later resolved their differences.

Marcelo, Villa and Özil, who were sent off during that game, will also be pardoned and can compete in the first leg of the Supercup.

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