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Jenny Jenkins

Lady Gago Returns To Madrid: Look At Your Life Boy, Look At Your Choices

Football Italia (among others) is reporting the following about Fernando Gago

Fernando Gago is returning to Real Madrid, as Roma have allowed the deadline to pass on his €7m buy-out clause.

The midfielder arrived on loan last summer and the Giallorossi had a clause to make the move permanent by paying €7m by June 1.

However, the club has let that deadline pass with no payment, so it looks inevitable that the Argentine will return to Real Madrid.

It had been long reported that Roma were not prepared to extend Gago’s stay at the Stadio Olimpico after Coach Luis Enrique’s resignation.

It’s thought that new tactician Zdenek Zeman does not want Gago in his squad.

Note: He's become a bit like Royston Drenthe in that he's spent the past year doing everything possible to burn bridges and leave Madrid - at least, one would gather this from his saucier interviews over the past few months. 

Any Roma fans or Serie A watchers in the comm who could tell us if he's been any good for Roma? Like maybe, 6.5 million worth of "good"?

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