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Presentation of the "Alma Nadal" charity event

The President of Real Madrid and Rafa Nadal presented the 14 July charity match between the latter and Novak Djokovic in an act also attended by Mourinho, Karanka, Xabi Alonso and Granero

The Presidential Balcony of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium housed the presentation of the Alma Nadal event, which will consist on a charity tennis match between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the stadium on 14 July. President Florentino Perez, Rafa Nadal, Madrid Mayor Ana Botella, Jose Mourinho, Aitor Karanka, Xabi Alonso, Granero, Alvaro Morata Rafa Nadal Foundation President Ana Maria Parera were in attendance. Novak Djokovic was indisposed and could not attend.

Florentino Perez
"Rafa is one of us. This has been his home for years and we feel proud for having named him Honorary Club Member. These are joyous days for Madridistas, but the club has challenges that go beyond the sports arena. The Real Madrid spirit does not believe in impossible challenges, so the club never rests. We want to use our sports power to fight against misery, inequality and hunger. The 21st Century Real Madrid cannot afford to look the other way, especially in the tough times we live in. Today is a special day. The Realmadrid Foundation and the Rafa Nadal Foundation will turn our stadium into a singular venue for a tennis match powered by solidarity."

"I wish to thank two of the greatest tennis players in history, Nadal and Djokovic. They are formidable icons with personal values that go beyond the tennis arena, which is where they are successful and from where they constantly thrill us all. The two most exceptional tennis players in the world will turn the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium into the largest tennis arena ever imagined. With their help, we may dream about establishing a new record. Both of them will play an historic match on Saturday 14 July that will turn our stadium into the best conceivable charity venue."

Rafa Nadal
"I feel honoured for playing this charity match at a stadium that means so much to me. It is one of the most beautiful stadiums there are and I want to thank Real Madrid for making this a reality. The 14th of July will be an unforgettable day and I wish to thank Novak for his amazing gesture. He is the number one player in the world and he'll be there. I also wish to thank all those who make this event possible. I hope we have an unforgettable match and that many people attend in support of a great cause. I wish to thank Real Madrid for the support they always give me and specifically for their help in organising this event. It is a special day for families to get involved in something different. We hope people support it and have fun. We wish to raise as many funds as we can from the event."

Ana Botella

"Real Madrid's recent league title is one of the most deserved successes I've ever seen, especially due to the main opponent they had. There is great value in winning the title against one of the best teams in history and they deserved it due to hard work throughout the season. I saw them give their all in every game and that's what matters most. I wish to congratulate Real Madrid, their President, the coach and the players for winning this league title."

"This is a delightful act because the values in sport are very useful to society. I believe Real Madrid, Djokovic and Nadal embody those values. You all set an example. I also think it is very impoprtant for both these foundations to join forces and cooperate in developing countries. A little from here can do a lot over there. I congratulate Nadal and Djokovic for this act and I wish Rafa and Real Madrid luck in their future exploits."

"The players, the venue and the cause will make of this a spectacular event. We hope supporters pack the stadium for a good cause. It will take place on a summer Saturday, so more people will be able to come. Sport spectacle will take place in order to help those who need it. The Real Madrid and Rafa Nadal foundations are carrying out great projects that truly help."

"Rafa is a fervent Real Madrid supporter and I'm sure he is very excited about the match. He takes it very seriously. The Foundation is the soul of the club and we players have the moral obligation to be close to it and we're proud that it collaborates in these events."

"I love tennis and I never miss a Rafa Nadal match. This is why I wanted to be here in support of this initiative. We hope many people come because they will have a lot of fun for a good cause."


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