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23 August 2015 @ 08:54 pm
La Liga has officially kicked off this weekend, so friendly reminder to stick around for the match spam post later as we face the recently promoted Sporting Gijon. A lot of topics have been covered over the pre-season in this comm... a certain departure, a big renewal, a few signings here and there... So here are some stuff you may have missed:

  • Pepe has signed an extension until 2017. Pepe is 32 years old right now, so it might be possible for him to retire here (that would be lovely!) As of this moment, Arbeloa is the only player with a contract ending this coming season.

  • Spanish wonderkid, Marco Asensio, is being loaned out to Espanyol. They are not given the option to buy (so we will definitely get him back) and they will face a financial penalty if he doesn't play in at least 30 games for the club (exceptions made for injuries and suspensions.)

  • Lucas Silva is definitely being loaned out (which is why Kovacic secured the #16 jersey). Real Betis and Levante are supposedly interested in the midfielder. It is necessary to loan him out as the three slots for non-EU players have already been filled by Danilo, Casemiro and James.

  • Cheryshev and Illarra are also possibly being loaned out. In the case of Illarra, Real Sociedad have been looking at him for a loan move but RM would rather sell him to recoup some of his transfer fee....

  • ..... which begs the question: who the hell are we going to sell?? We've spent €82 million on transfers alone this summer... and we haven't even signed a galactico yet (thankfully). We've let go of some players, loaned them out... but we haven't actually sold anyone for income. There's huge buzz surrounding Benzema and Arsenal... could that be the money-maker? I hope not.

  • King Cristiano is one of the finalists for the UEFA 14/15 Best Player in Europe award. He will be up against Messi (of course) and Luis Suarez (um, okay?)

  • Enzo Zidane is appointed captain of Real Madrid Castilla by his dad (y'all probably never heard of him... not like he's one of the GOATs or anything....)

  • ICYMI: Rafa Benitez has won three trophies in the pre-season, but the team's performance has been.... ehhh, so-and-so, I would say, personally. To recap: International Champions Cup (Australia Leg) - 0-0 vs. Roma and they won via penalties, we won 4-1 against Manchester City so apparently that makes us champions in Australia. Meanwhile, in the China Leg of the tournament, we won 3-0 against Inter Milan, 0-0 vs. AC Milan and we won via penalties (with Kiko Casilla scoring the winning goal.... yes, it took that long.), so that makes us champions in China.... The format for the tournament has been a little weird this year. Then we traveled over to Munich for the Audi Cup. Won 2-0 against the Spurs in the semi-finals but lost 1-0 to Bayern Munich thanks to Lewandowski (who was subbed in at the second half). We traveled to Norway for a friendly against Valerenga where Martin Odegaard was well-received. And finally, we went home to the Bernabeu for the Trofeo Santiago Bernabeu and won 2-1 against Galatasaray, the winner coming from vice-captain Marcelo who dinked the ball past Galatasaray's defense and rather than crossing it over to his teammates like he always does so beautifully, he decides to go for gold and shoot it past Gala's GK.

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So for those who followed the team during the pre-season: 1.) What did you think of the team's performance under Benitez? Does it give you a little bit of hope for this season?, and 2.) Will we sign a galactico? Who are we going to sell? Are we gonna get De Gea or nah? (Interesting to note that he's been watching from the stands for United since the PL season started but Van Gaal insists that he's not being sold.)
19 August 2015 @ 04:50 pm

09 August 2015 @ 05:01 pm

A few years ago this chap was the annoying kid that kept saving any attempts on Atlet's goal. Now he is lauded as the next big thing despite having spent seasons at an under-performing team. (really, we thought Man Utd would do better). Now it seems his next destination is our fabulous Bernabeu. Despite this we have already signed a keeper this summer in Casilla and of course we have our Costa Rican bad-ass in Navas, who has yet to have a real run between the posts.

So let's have your thoughts, Madridistas. Do you want him? Do you think we need him? What would you pay for him? Do you think this is a knee jerk reaction to selling Casillas and a need to be seen to be 'replacing'?

Personally I'm team Navas. I don't think we need him. I think he's overpriced and always was.

Come on! No one else watching and in need of some banter? Season's about to start and am all rusty. Don't wanna head into official match spams without a little warm up XD
18 July 2015 @ 03:06 pm
Straight from the Real Madrid Official Site:

Real Madrid C. F. and R. C. D. Espanyol have agreed to the transfer of Kiko Casilla, subject to a necessary medical examination. The player will be tied to the club for the next five seasons.
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12 July 2015 @ 08:42 am

Iker Casillas farewell Press Conference | July 12 , 2015

First of all, I want to thank all of you for being here in such a especial day. I have come to this great stadium to say good-bye to all of you and, more importantly, to all madridistas. Since yesterday, I am no longer a Real Madrid player, as I am set to join FC Porto. I have made this decision because of the great illusion that their president, staff and coach have expressed about my signing for them, and the great signs of affection I have received from their fans since the rumors came out. I hope I will not disappoint their fans and will be able to lift a big number of trophies with them.

I wish to speak to all madridistas now, after having spent twenty-five years in the biggest club in the world. It is a tough day for me, because I am saying good-bye to a great institution. It seems like yesterday, when I was nine years old, when I first wore Real Madrid T-shirt and made my dream come true. All this time I have suffered, laughed and cried to defend this club, but I have always felt supported by my partners and the fans. This club has made me what I am now, as it has helped me to grow with the principles of respect, fellowship and humility, and I have always tried to show them.

I want to pay a tribute to all my partners, whom I have lived unique moments with, as we have grown to be great friends, even family. Also to all my coaches and their staffs, since all of them have taught me valuable things and have given me great advice, and also for their friendship, their experience and their professionalism. I also wish to thank Real Madrid staff, as they are an essential part of what we do every day, my parents and my family, who have always supported me, and my wife and son who will always come with me and give me their unconditional support.

Finally, I want to thank all madridistas all around the world, those who have embraced me as their captain in the last five years. I have always said that I want to be reminded not only as a good or bad goalkeeper, but, more importantly, as a good person. I want to thank all of you for your support and tell you that I will never forget you. Wherever I go, I will keep shouting “¡Hala Madrid

Farewell beloved Captain

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11 July 2015 @ 09:28 pm

Iker is officially leaving and going to Porto.

I can't quite bring myself to add to that but I wanted it here as soon as possible.

Thank you, Iker <3


EDIT: This is going to be pretty emotional. Commenting is allowed of course but if you write a blog post or lj post or just in general ramble for longer somewhere and wish to share your emotions by making it public, feel free to share a link here.

Transfers happen I know but this...this is something else. There was a similar outpouring of emotions the last time we lost captains in Raul and Guti. Given Sergio's future remains unclear, I think this could be therapeutic for those who wish to involve themselves so yeah, for once, link away. Emotions outside of the community are not under community rules (ie...if you are really angry?) but anything posted in this post MUST remain within guidelines.
06 July 2015 @ 01:54 pm
considering the summer is our downtime to get over football fatigue, have some news to contribute to your perezidente & co.-saturated exhaustion! (mostly as a way to generate and stimulate conversation for those who may not be involved in other social media outlets and aren't keeping up with the footie world on their own)

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What you need to know:
- Vazquez is Rafa Benitez' first signing (deal is said to be around €1 million).
- He used to be the captain of RM Castilla. He was part of the youth system in 2007 and was promoted to the C-team in 2010 and then Castilla the year after. He was on loan for Espanyol last season and they hoped to buy him permanently but nope.
- He plays as a right winger.
- Skills compilation video.

Probably more signings to come... Wonder who's going to be the galactico this season, though. Not that we need another one but like... I just accept it as an inevitable truth at this point.