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What you need to know:
- Vazquez is Rafa Benitez' first signing (deal is said to be around €1 million).
- He used to be the captain of RM Castilla. He was part of the youth system in 2007 and was promoted to the C-team in 2010 and then Castilla the year after. He was on loan for Espanyol last season and they hoped to buy him permanently but nope.
- He plays as a right winger.
- Skills compilation video.

Probably more signings to come... Wonder who's going to be the galactico this season, though. Not that we need another one but like... I just accept it as an inevitable truth at this point.
01 July 2015 @ 03:14 am
So um, apparently Manchester City wants Sergio as well as Manchester United. (According to Mirror.)

Not sure what to make of this. Hopefully it's not true. What do you guys think?

Here's the article:

(Not sure if it's okay to post this here, but I really wanted to talk about it with you guys. Just let me know and I can take it down.) 

The club has officially released the home/away kits for the 2015/16 season on their social media accounts, with the campaign "#OnlyPerfectCounts". They've chosen the right players to model the kits, too. (Remember when Xabi modelled the dragon kits last season? Yikes, lol.) Photos of the new kit have been leaked ages ago, though... Just good to know that it's confirmed now, I guess.

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In other unrelated news, RM legends defeated Liverpool legends in a charity match, 4-2!

But anyway... Thoughts on the kit and the campaign? Is it pretty? Do you think it's ugly enough to bring us good fortune this season? Personally, I'm glad we've switched from collars to round necklines!
There have been three developments in the exciting summer adventures of our intrepid striker.

1. TMZ hooked up with bad boy to try to get him to comment on being with Rihanna for what they termed a "hattrick" of evenings (like, that is so original).

I liked you better with Mesut, dumbass

2. He may have to stand trial for not driving with a license. AGAIN. Honestly, boy. What is this? The fifth time?

3. If you put Karim Benzema into a rap name generator you get:

Rapmaster Karim B Trigga
Poppa Karim B Sharp a.k.a. Special Pockets
Karim K Jab

Which is relevant, somehow.

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Remembering last summer, one of the highlights was Rih, taking to Twitter to voice her opinions on the WC. Among those tweets, she lit up about feeling the same twinge of pain and even felt for her baby kitty :(((

Now, just in time for the celebrations over Blatter being no more, Benz stepped out yesterday morning and got close to Queen "Bitch Better Have My Money" Rihanna herself. Benz is at least stepping up his game off the pitch, I see.

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26 May 2015 @ 07:14 am
and now this...

Fernando Hierro has decided to put an end to his second time working at Real Madrid. Not connected to the club's decision to regarding Ancelotti, the club's assistant coach let it be known days ago that his wish was to leave in search of pastures new. However, he didn't communicated where he might be off to.

The ex-Real Madrid captain believes that his time has come to an end with 'Los Blancos'. He returned to the club on the request of Florentino Pérez and cº with the idea of living a new experience after his time at the Spanish Football Federation and Málaga.

What the man from Malaga was after was some experience in the dug-out, and that is exactly what he got with his year alongside Ancelotti - a chance to see what it was like forming a part of a major team's training staff.

Hierro decided to wait until all was decided before communicating his decision to the club. Despite rumours to the contrary, Real Madrid have not offered him the job of director of football.

This is coming from marca, so make of it what you will.
The Italian led the Spanish side to Champions League glory last season but is to be fired for failing to win La Liga and retain the European title

Real Madrid have called a press conference for 19:00CET on Monday, where president Florentino Perez is expected to announce the departure of coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian trainer led Los Blancos to victory in both the Champions League and the Copa del Rey last season, before overseeing a club-record 22-game winning streak during the first half of the current campaign that culminated in Club World Cup glory in December.

However, Madrid's form dipped after the winter break, resulting in Barcelona overhauling them at the top of La Liga, Copa del Rey elimination at the hands of Atletico Madrid and a shock European semi-final exit at the hands of Juventus.

Ancelotti's likely dismissal was immediately reported after their semi-final loss to the Bianconeri and will now be confirmed at a specially arranged press conference in the Spanish capital on Monday.

Perez is expected to meet with Ancelotti in the afternoon to inform him of the decision to sack him. A source at the club told Goal that "there is no other possibility than firing Carlo".

The club's chief will then speak to the media in the evening to make it official.

Ancelotti has already revealed that while he has received offers from clubs in Italy, England and Germany, with AC Milan even sending CEO Adriano Galliani to Madrid to meet with their former boss, the 55-year-old will take a year out of the game as he must undergo surgery in Canada this summer.

Ancelotti is expected to be replaced as Madrid boss by Rafael Benitez, whose contract with Serie A outfit Napoli expires at the end of June. This club is acting shamefully.
20 May 2015 @ 09:22 pm
'En el corazón de la Décima'

No subtitles yet sorry, but watch it before it gets taken down.

Please dont leave us Carlo :(
16 May 2015 @ 10:29 pm
Just a few weeks until the end of the season for us. Two games left: vs. Espanyol (away) and vs. Getafe (home). The strike is off, the suspension is lifted, the season goes on as planned, and our league title dreams are rejuvenated.... provided that Atleti can beat Barca this weekend.

But as we reach the end of the season, we are without two vital elements to our squad: 1.) Ancelotti gets a two-match ban for "sarcastically applauding the ref" but he defends himself, saying he was applauding the fans, and 2.) Sergio played with a calf injury (what else is new) and has been diagnosed with a grade 1 muscle injury, and he is ruled out for the rest of the season... which isn't saying much since we only have two games left. There are also doubts surrounding Marcelo, Dani, Kroos and Benzema's fitness. Lord, why.

On top of that, it doesn't look like Castilla will have a chance to be promoted back to the second division next season after their draw with Guadalajara. Poor bbs. :( Still a lot of work to do for Zidane, who was once rumored to take over Carlo's position.

It might seem all doom and gloom for our beloved club as we come to the end of this season but let's look at some bright spots! Our basketball team is facing Olympiakos in the finals for the Euroleague (which is like the UCL for basketball)! For the third time in a row, they are in the finals and they are looking to clinch their ninth Euroleague title. #APorLaNovena! And over at football (and this was overlooked during the match vs. Juve because of our sadness) Cris is now tied with Alfredo Di Stefano for most goals scored for Real Madrid! No doubt he can pass Raul by the next season. Absolute legend.

And do not be fooled by the rumors circulating around that David De Gea has reached a deal with the club. Nothing is set in stone yet. Spanish media says he's agreed, English media says nothing has been agreed upon. Things should become clearer by the next transfer window but it is rather telling that Big Dave hasn't agreed to a new contract with United yet....

To end this round-up, let me just say this: this was my first season as a football fan and even though we're ending this season on a sour note, I couldn't be prouder of the fact that I am a madridista. Barca could win the treble this season and I would still say "gracias a dios que no soy un cule". :') Very proud of these losers in white and I truly believe that we'll be back, stronger than ever. Hala Madrid y nada mas! Madridista, hasta el final!

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